Ports Info Limassol Info

Port Location: Limassol
Port Name: Limassol Port
Latitude: 34° 40' N
Longitude: 33° 03' E
Port ID: 21024

Limassol Port, a port of multiple uses, is the main port of Cyprus. It commenced operations in 1974. Limassol Port is situated on the outskirts of the country's second main city in terms of population and economic significance. It is the largest port in Cyprus, serving most of the island's seaborne cargo and passenger traffic. The Port Manager assisted by a Senior Pilot has the responsibility for the harmonious operation of the port.

At Limassol Port the quays have a total length of 1980m:

Northern 430m with maximum depth of water 11m
Western 450+320m with maximum depth of water 11m-13m-14m
Eastern 480m with maximum depth of water 11m
Southern 300m with maximum depth of water 14m
Ramp 50m with maximum depth of water 14m

In the land area of the Port, the Cyprus Ports Authority has covered and open spaces for the storage of cargo.

1. Covered spaces comprising 5 warehouses of total area 39760sq. m.

    Warehouse No.1 7200m²
    Warehouse No.2 6080m²
    Warehouse No.3 10000m²
    Warehouse No.4 10080m²
    Warehouse No.5 6400m²

Part of the warehouse No.2 was assigned to the British Bases for their own cargo traffic while the remainder was assigned to the Customs and Excise Department for the auctioning of cargo which remains in the port area in excess of prescribed time (Republic Bonded Warehouse).

2. Open storage spaces, for conventional cargo of 157000m²

3. Stacking areas for containers 344400m²

4. There are also 299 electricity supply points for containers-refrigerators.

The Authority's Administration Building and the Offices of the Customs Department lie outside the fenced area of the port where the Grain Silos, which have a storage capacity of 75000 tons of grain, are also situated.

The entrance channel to Limassol Port is 250 meters wide and 17 meters deep. Two container terminals cover a total of 45 hectares and have capacity to handle 600 thousand TEUs a year. The East Container Terminal wharf is 480 meters long with alongside depth of 11 meters. The West Container Terminal wharf is 620 meters long with alongside depth of 14 meters and a 50-meter wide roll-on/roll-off ramp. The two terminals have stacking yards covering 400 thousand square meters, and each terminal has 29 reefer installations. The container freight station is 37.6 square meters, and the terminals have abundant cargo-handling equipment.

Multi-purpose quays serve cruise vessels and ferries with a total thousand-meter-long wharf with alongside depth of 11 meters. The Passenger Terminal Building covers 3500 square meters and houses a tourist information station, duty free shops, a lounge and cafeteria, banks, international telephone services, and taxi service.

Limassol Port handles 66% of the country's container traffic, all of its grain imports, and more than 90% of its cruise passengers. Its container terminal has capacity to handle 600 thousand TEUs per year. Limassol Port's major exports include wines and other beverages, fruits, and vegetables.

General Cargo is handled at two multi-purpose quays of a total 800 meters in length and with alongside depth of 11 meters. Roll-on/roll-off vessels are served at these quays. A total area of 110 square meters of open paved storage area is available, and the terminal includes four sheds covering 40 thousand square meters, storage for dangerous goods, and an inspection shed for agricultural produce.