Ports Info Larnaca Info

Port Location: Larnaca
Port Name: Larnaca Port
Latitude: 34° 55' N
Longitude: 33° 38' E
Port ID: 10136

Larnaca Port commenced operation at the end of 1973. It is a part of the infrastructure of an industrial business and tourist centre of the island and it is the nearest seaport both to Nicosia, the country's capital and to south eastern major agricultural and tourist areas of Cyprus.

Larnaca port is situated approximately 2 km from the town center and on the landside is surrounded by residential units. On the north side there are oil product installations and at the south side it borders with Larnaca marina. An advantage for the port is the fact that at a distance of 6 kilometers lays Larnaca International Airport. The Port serves both cargo and passengers and is the country's main service port for the exports of potatoes, carrots and other agricultural products. Larnaca Port is the second, in magnitude, port of our country. It is a multipurpose port having an area of 445.000 sq. meters and serves all kinds of loads from unpacked (animal fodder, grain, gypsum), conventional (lumber, iron, fertilizers, automobiles) as well as oil products.

Larnaca port is protected by two breakwaters the North and the South.

It has two quays for the mooring of ships:
    (a) South quay of length 340m, water depth 12m and equipped with two gantry cranes of 40 tons, 1 crane on rails of 45 tons as well as a ramp of 25m width suitable for ro-ro ships.
    (b) North quay 326m, water depth 10m and equipped with crane on rails (Luffing Crane) of 35 tons able to serve loads 150m to the western part of the quay. Over the whole length of both quays there are installations for water supply to the ships. For ships at the roadstead, drinking water may be supplied by means of private barges.
At the port there are three closed warehouses, two of which are located at the north quay each having an area of 3170sq. m and one at the south quay of the order of 11.500 sq. m. There are also paved open storage spaces of the order of 150.000 sq. m as well as non-paved spaces of the order of 65.000sq. m.

Within the fenced area of the port there is also the Administration Building of the Port Authority, the Passenger Terminal, the workshop for repairs of the mechanical equipment as well as the accessories store.

The subject of further development of Larnaca port has seriously preoccupied the Cyprus Ports Authority over the last few years. Following various studies carried out, it has been decided to convert it to the main port for cruise lines and passenger traffic with certain trade activities covering local cargoes and needs. Since, at the same time the Government is promoting the idea of developing the Larnaca marina, the Government decided to seek a strategic partner for the development of the port and of Larnaca marina, under the B.D.F.O. method, since both projects have serious synergies as regards the land area.